LyncPad Keypad



Select a source, adjust the volume, and intercom with individual or all zones. The LyncPad is an elegant keypad befitting the ease and convenience of whole-house audio control.

Other features include: mute, “party mode”, all-off, DND, and control of the Lync’s built-in MP3 player.  Includes a TFT LCD screen, soft-white backlit gel buttons, and a compact screwless design available in five color combinations.

For convenience, the LyncPad includes a 3.5 mm input on the front allowing you to plug in a portable source (iPod, smart phone, etc.) and have that source available to all zones. A second input is available on the back side of the LyncPad allowing a Source Input Panel (sold separately) to be located elsewhere in the zone for the connection of a more permanent source.



The LyncPad is a compact, aesthetically pleasing keypad that looks good in any room.  It provides a convenient method of establishing unique audio in any zone.

The LyncPad installs into a standard dual gang junction box or “mud ring”. It is available in five colors: White, Light Almond, Black, Black with White frame, and Black with Light Almond frame.  The frame is securely attached with magnets so that the LyncPad’s finish is clean with no visible screws.

Key features include:

  • Source Input on both front and back
  • Power On/Off
  • Source selection
  • Volume up/down
  • Mute
  • DND (Do Not Disturb)
  • Intercom (zone to zone, and zone to all)
  • Party mode (all zones set to same source)
  • All-off
    Set up Options include:
  • LCD screen colors- foreground and background
  • Brightness level- active
  • Brightness level- stand-by
  • Tone control- bass, treble, balance
    PC software options:
  • Monitor and control all LyncPads
  • Assign unique source names
  • Assign unique zone names
  • Establish three “memory” settings for entire system


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