Bluetooth Input Panel (BIP)


The Bluetooth Input Panel (or BIP for short) is a convenient connection point for making a source with wireless bluetooth capability available to the entire house.

The BIP installs wherever you want it and can receive signals from bluetooth devices located up to 30 feet away.  The BIP connects via a Cat 5/6 cable directly to a controller or “daisy-chained” with a LyncPad, AIP or DIP.



This is an active device that gets its power over the same Cat 5/6 cable that connects it into the system.  It can connect directly to the centrally-located controller or via a Cat 5/6 “daisy chain” with a LyncPad, AIP, or DIP.

The BIP can be mounted where it is visible, or even hidden inside the wall cavity. Simply pair your bluetooth-capable device (i.e. smart phone, tablet, etc.) within 30 feet of the BIP and begin streaming audio wirelessly into your whole-house audio system.


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